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Z Pod Sensory Beds for Neurodiverse & Autistic Children | Autism Today

Discover Z Pod sensory beds for neurodiverse and autistic children. Ensure a restful night’s sleep with customizable safety, smart lighting, & white noise. Learn more at Autism Today.

zPods® Gen 2 Single

Z Pod sensory beds are a groundbreaking, revolutionary idea which was born by a parent’s desire to help his 2 autistic children fall asleep which ultimately led to a full night of sleep time for him and his wife as well.

zPods® Gen 2 Double

After realizing how much better the parents felt throughout the day after receiving a full night’s sleep, along with the improvement in the behaviors of their children on the spectrum, they wanted to share their beds with the world much like many autistic and neurodiverse parents feel so the take up a crusade for the world.


Z- Pods were created in the US for our neurodiverse population and others who have severe sleep problems caused by sensory issues. The creators goal was to ensure sound and healthy sleep for children on the spectrum, which also results in a positive effect on the parents and the loved ones that surround them.

Are you a parent who can’t get a full night’s sleep because your sensory challenged child keeps you up all night? 

Or do you have an autistic or neurodiverse child with sleeping problems that frustrate him or her, leaving them in a state of high social anxiety? 

 Z Pod sensory beds

To describe this Autism bedding, it is an enclosed safety bed with sensory toys, lights and sounds to entertain the child.  They were conceptualized years ago with the idea that children need to have enhanced levels of emotional, educational and physical well-being with a full nights rest and the same holds true for their parents. These pods have a calming effect on children, so that the adults too can get more a more relaxed sleep.  



A sensory friendly


Enclosed and customizable safety bed


Smart lighting control

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers that connect with your smart device


White noise generators to promote relaxation by blocking out external noise

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